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Utility and information management software and services, for both PCs and the Macintosh.

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Current products and services

ParliMail - daily e-mail service to keep you up to date with what's going on in the Scottish Parliament. Sign up for a free 1-month trial.


TweetCue - get your messages out FAST ! Whether you are commenting on a major political speech or giving your views on a sports event, you'll want to get your Twitter messages out there quickly and accurately. TweetCue lets you prepare Tweets in advance so you can simply tweak them and send them out when the moment comes. Get your Tweet up FIRST with TweetCue.

CamPlot – short for Campaign Plotter – is a Mac and PC application to help campaigners analyse the positions of key players or stakeholders on an important issue. Knowing who your allies and enemies are, and how influential they are, is a pretty essential first step in trying to change anything. Download a 30-day trial.

Carbydacious – if you are on an Atkins or other low-carb diet Carbydacious will help you work out the right combination of meals each day. Carbydacious works on both Macs and PCs and is shareware - use it for free and donate if you keep using it.

Starz logo

Starz - Take a mesmerising flight through space with Starz. Relax as you journey through constellations of stars with a range of brightness and colour that mimics the stars found in our galaxy. Available free for Mac.

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Star Trek Library Computer - Fill your screen with a library computer display just like the one in front of Mr Spock on the bridge of the original USS Enterprise. Available free for Mac.

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DayCalc - simple utility to calculate the number of weekdays and weekends days between two dates. Available free for Mac and PC. Real Studio 2012 source code also available.

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