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Take a mesmerising flight through space with Starz. Relax as you journey through constellations of stars with a range of brightness and colour that mimics the stars found in our galaxy.

A beautiful starscape is created when you launch Starz and you can change the speed and spin of your flight with your cursor keys.

Pressing 's' lets you change how many stars are included, their size and the level of different colours included. Starz remembers all your settings for next time. 'Esc' shrinks the window from full screen.

Note - Starz is for immediate viewing and is not a screensaver.


DayCalc in action


Download Starz here:

Starz is a 64-bit application is for Macs running OSX 10.9 and above. The source code is in Xojo.

Starz is free.

Operating System Download
Mac OSX (Intel) Starz Package


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