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DayCalc is a simple utility which tells you the number of weekdays and weekends days between two dates. Typical uses are to tell you how many shopping days are left til Christmas, project planning or testing whether a 20-weekday reply period has been met by an organisation. DayCalc will automatically use you local date format as set in your Control Panels, e.g. day-month-year for the UK, month-day-year for the US.

N.B. DayCalc INCLUDES the start date in the number of days, so 1st January to 3rd January is 3 days.

  DayCalc in action  

Download DayCalc here:

DayCalc OSX is for Macs running OSX 10.9 and above
The source code is in Xojo.

DayCalc is free.

Operating System Download
Mac OSX (Intel) DayCalc Package
Windows DayCalcsetup.exe
Source code


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