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Scottish Parliament

  • Having trouble keeping track of what's going on in the Scottish Parliament ?

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"There are many Parliamentary monitoring services that cost more than ParliMail but are not as well targeted, timely and simple to use. It gives prompt delivery of information about developments in our areas of interest, saving considerable time on parliamentary monitoring. I have used ParliMail for the last six years at OneKind and it is one of the few daily emails that I always open..."

Libby Anderson, Policy Director at animal protection charity OneKind


On a busy day the Scottish Parliament can generate 200,000 words of minutes, reports and agendas - it's no wonder you might find it hard to keep track. ParliMail is a daily email service which will help keep up with your issues when they feature in the Parliament.

Every morning our computers download all the latest files from the Parliament website, search them for keywords which you choose, and send the results direct to your computer. ParliMail keeps tabs on the Scottish Parliament for you, so you won't miss out. You'll wonder how you survived without it. Click here to see an example of a ParliMail in web format.

ParliMail helps you keep track of what's happening in Parliament by:

  • Searching Business files, Official Reports, Written Answers files and committee papers for YOUR keywords
  • Sending you a personalised email every weekday morning with the latest results - a daily digest of forthcoming business and recent minutes
  • Letting you know what's coming up in the Chamber and in the Committees
  • Keeping track of news from the Scottish Government

"ParliMail is a really useful tool - automatically searching the Parliament internet on a daily basis for your personal keywords, be they topics or people, and sending you links to these by email that you can browse. It's a good way of keeping on top of what's happening in your chosen specialist areas across the whole Parliament."

Steve Burgess, led the research team for 7 Green Party MSPs in the Scottish Parliament

“Since using ParliMail to monitor the Parliament web site, I find that, not only do I save between 5 and 7 hours per week, but I also have access to more information. This gives me more time to analyse the information and to act upon it. It has helped me keep my finger on the Parliamentary pulse.

“Thinking back to my time prior to using ParliMail is like thinking back to the dark ages. Now when I come into work in the morning all the information I need is sitting on my computer screen.”

Malcolm Sayers, ex-Parliamentary Officer with Friends of the Earth Scotland


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ParliMail works by searching for keywords. If you are interested in recycling you would try words like: recycling, paper, glass, aluminium, waste, incineration, incinerator, composting and landfill. ParliMail does not worry about capitals and deals with punctuation. Tip: try not to include MSPs or party names, or very common words, or you will end up with lots of matches which may not be very relevant.

N.B. You must specify some keywords for ParliMail to use in your daily search.

Choose up to 30 keywords, separated by commas, to search for:

ParliMail can come to you as a simple text message or as an email attachment in HTML format for your web browser, or as a PDF file. The HTML format is probably the most flexible.

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Your first month of ParliMail is free. After that you will need to sign up for an annual subscription:

  • Commercial and public organisations £250

  • Individuals, community groups, charities £150

The Scottish Parliament website is here.

Please contact us with any questions or suggestions, just click here.

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