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"What I like most about CamPlot is that it is a brilliant planning and review tool for campaigners. It really opens up possibilities by being visual - its dynamic and responsive graphics means that you can prioritise, contextualise and plan for target audiences in a way that has simply not been possible before. And it is easy to use. All in all a real winner."

Tony Hare - Tony Hare Communications

CamPlot – short for Campaign Plotter – is a Mac and PC application to help campaigners analyse the positions of key players or stakeholders on an important issue. Knowing who your allies and enemies are, and how influential they are, is a pretty essential first step in trying to change anything.  
Assess your friends and enemies with the Force Field diagram
or with the Spider diagram
Spider diagram
or as a Power Analysis

CamPlot is available as a 30-day trial, after that you will have to register your copy. Registering CamPlot costs £40/$80/€60 - use the contact form for details.

Download the version you need here, decompress it and put it in your Applications (Mac) or Program Files (PC) folder. A manual and example file are included.

Operating System Download
Windows CamPlotPCsetup.exe
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