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If you're on the Atkins diet or another low-carb diet it can be a real pain keeping track of your daily intake of carbs. Get rid of those scrappy bits of paper and use Carbydacious to help you work out the right combination of meals each day. Carbydacious will even suggest the best evening meal to balance the rest of your day's meals.

Carbydacious works on both Macs and PCs and is available as a 30-day trial.

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Carbydacious comes with a list of meals from the Atkins New Diet Revolution and Rose Elliot's Vegetarian Atkins diet.

You can use these or create your own list of meals.



Carbydacious is a 30-day trial for Windows - try it for free and if you like it pay £10/$15/€10 for a registration number, and from the App Store for Mac


Download the version you need here. A manual is included.

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