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Local Web Synch v 2.0

from Rijdat Software

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Local Web Synch is a simple utility which helps you make keep local websites up-to-date with your master copy. Local Web Synch does two things:

If you are the webmaster for your organisation's internal (and/or external) website you will have a master copy of the site which you make changes on, and probably a user folder which has a copy of whole site and which internal users access. This means you can work on web files without interrupting others' local access to your site. So when you have made changes to the site you have to update the local copy. Local Web Synch does this for you, updating older files and removing items no longer in use (if you want it to). You can see the Readme file here. This application is Mac only.

Download Local Web Synch here:

Local Web Synch OSX is for Macs running OS X (828K)

Local Web Synch PPC is for Power Macs (588K)

To use these files you will need Stuffit Expander.

Local Web Synch is shareware, offering you a 30-day trial. If you use it regularly please send $30 to Rijdat Software - e-mail us at for details or you can pay on-line at


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