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What is Local Web Synch for ?

Thank you for downloading Local Web Synch. This is a simple utility which helps you make keep local websites up-to-date with your master copy. Local Web Synch does two things:

If you are the webmaster for your organisation's internal (and/or external) website you will have a master copy of the site which you make changes on, and probably a user folder which has a copy of whole site and which internal users access. This means you can work on web files without interrupting others' local access to your site. So when you have made changes to the site you have to update the local copy. Local Web Synch does this for you, updating older files and removing items no longer in use (if you want it to).

If you work in a web design environment such as Dreamweaver you may also need to change the Creator code of your index file, so that other people can just double-click on it or an alias and start up the appropriate browser. Local Web Synch changes the type of the main index file to Netscape Communicator or MS Internet Explorer or whichever browser you want the user to view the site in.

Getting Started

Using Local Web Synch is simple. Once you have UnStuffed the package you will find a folder called Local Web Synch which contains the application and this Read Me file. Just double-click on Local Web Synch to start it up and you will see the Preferences window. You will need to set the source folder containing the master copy of the website and the destination folder which is to be synchronised.

In this panel you can also tell LWS whether to give you a report when it is finished, whether to remove files which are not in the master folders and whether to reset the Creator code for index.html. The code for Netscape Communigator/Navigator is MOSS and for MS Internet Explorer MSIE.

Click OK and Local Web Synch will scan the folder you selected and do the synchronisation. If you requested a report (recommended) you will get one.

General Use

Once you have set the folders, browser creator code and other options you will probably not want to change them each time you run the application, so Local Web Synch gets straight to work, without showing the Preferences, if you hold down the Command key as you to start it up.

How do I get help ?

Read this document carefully. Send enquiries to support@rijdatsoft.co.uk.

How do I register ?

Local Web Synch is shareware. The trial version runs for 30 days - then you have to register Local Web Synch to keep using it. The registration fee is £20/$30/€35. To register send a message to register@rijdatsoft.co.uk or go to our page on Kagi.com to register on line (but you must pay in US dollars with a credit card). You will be e-mailed a registration code which you can type in after clicking on the 'Register' button on the Preferences panel.

Disclaimer: You use this software at your own risk. Rijdat Software do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused by using this software.

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