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CGMail Cleaner v2.0

from Rijdat Software

CGMail Cleaner is a simple utility which helps you make the most of your Communigator mail system (you can get details of the Communigator system here). CGMail Cleaner lets you:

Communigator is a fine system but it has a few foibles which may not suit your way of working. If you have saved messages from local mailboxes they will have names like '16543', if you have saved them from mailboxes on the server they will have names like 'Jane Smith ••• Re: Your Timetable'. If you double-click on any of these files they will open up in Communigator, rather than in a word processor. CGMail Cleaner changes the names and types of these saved messages. You can see the Readme file here. This application is Mac only.

NB: If CGMail Cleaner finds a message saved in 'Letter' format it will ignore any attachments.

Download CGMail Cleaner (30-day trial) here:

CGMail Cleaner OSX is for Macs running OS X

CGMail Cleaner PPC is for Power Macs

To use these files you will need Stuffit Expander.

CGMail Cleaner is shareware. If you use it regularly please send $30 to Rijdat Software - e-mail us at for details or you can pay on-line at


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