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What is CGMail Cleaner for ?

Thank you for downloading CGMail Cleaner. This is a simple utility which helps you make the most of your Communigator mail system (you can get details of the Communigator system here). CGMail Cleaner does two things:

CGMail Cleaner also preserves the dates for the files it changes.

Communigator is a fine system but it has a few foibles which may not suit your way of working. If you have saved messages from local mailboxes they will have names like '16543', if you have saved them from mailboxes on the server they will have names like 'Jane Smith ••• Your Message'. If you double-click on any of these files they will open up in Communigator, rather than in a word processor. CGMail Cleaner changes the names and types of these saved messages.

NB: If CGMail Cleaner finds a message saved in 'Letter' format it will ignore any attachments.

Getting Started

Using CGMail Cleaner is simple. Once you have UnStuffed the package you will find a folder called CGMail Cleaner which contains the application and this Read Me file. Just double-click on CGMail Cleaner to start it up. You will be asked for the folder containing the mail messages you have saved from Communigator, and you will then see the Preferences window. If you have saved messages from local mailboxes they will have names like '16543', if you have saved them from mailboxes on the server they will have names which like 'Jane Smith Your Message'. If you would like CGMail Cleaner to change the names of all files check the box on the Preferences display, if not it will only rename those files which have numbers for names. You also need to tell CGMail Cleaner which word processor you prefer by entering its MacCreator code in the box (e.g. MSWD for MS Word, BOBO for ClarisWorks/AppleWorks). Click OK and CGMail Cleaner will scan the folder you selected and change the names and types of any mail messages saved by Communigator.

General Use

Once you have set the folder, word processor and other options you will probably not want to change them each time you run the application, so CGMail Cleaner gets straight to work, without showing the Preferences, if you hold down the Command key as you to start it up.

How do I get help ?

Read this document carefully. Send enquiries to

How do I register ?

CGMail Cleaner is shareware. You can you it for 30 days, then you must register it to continue using it. That means you can try it out, but if you want to use it regularly you must register it and pay a fee of £20/$30/€35. To register send a message to or go to our page on to register on line (but you must pay in US dollars with a credit card). You will be e-mailed a registration code which you can type in after clicking on the 'Register' button on the Preferences panel.

Disclaimer: You use this software at your own risk. Rijdat Software do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused by using this software.

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