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PDFCat helps you keep track of all those PDF documents you have collected over the last few years. Select a folder for PDFCat and it will give you the details of all the PDF files in that folder and any sub-folders. PDF files contain some or all of the following:

Creation Date
Modification Date

You can edit this information for files which are not password protected, to give them more useful information, and you can save the whole list to an index file or in one of three database formats. You can download PDFCat below - until you register PDFCat will index 10 files at a time, when you have registered you can deal with upto 6000 files at a time.

Version 1.5.1 allows up to 6000 files to be scanned (up from 2000) for the registered version and removes the damaged file message during scanning.

Version 1.5 works faster and more reliably with larger files and recognises a bigger range of PDF files including PDF1.5 created by Acrobat 6.

Version 1.3 scans files much faster than earlier versions and now remembers the directory you scanned last.

Added in version 1.1 - save information on your PDF files as a plain text listing or in a format ready to be used by your favourite database or spreadsheet application (choice of CSV, ASCII text or DBF formats).

See a screenshot here:

Download PDFCat here:

PDFCat OSX is for Macs running Carbon/OS X PDFCat PPC is for Power Macs
PDFCat PC is for IBM-compatible PCs  

To use the Macintosh version you will need Stuffit Expander. The PC version has a built-in installer.

If you want to use PDFCat to the full please send 20/$30/€35 to Rijdat Software - e-mail us at register@rijdatsoft.co.uk for details or you can pay on-line at Kagi.com.


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