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AP Reader v1.2

from Rijdat Software

AP Reader plots air pollution data downloaded from the UK Government's air quality archive, and calculates statistics, including comparison to the National Air Quality Strategy objectives and other standards.

*** Update to version 1.2 - AP Reader displays extra information, allows data to be exported in several formats and now also deals with 15-minute SO2 data.

AP Reader can read both HTML and CSV files. Here is an example of AP Reader's output:




(click image for full size version)

The National Air Quality Archive is here.

Download AP Reader here:

AP Reader PPC is for Power Macs

AP Reader 68k is for 68k Macs is for PCs

To use the Macintosh version you will need Stuffit Expander. To use the PC version you will need a program which translates Zip files - you probably already have this, if not you might like to try WinZip by searching for it at CNET.

AP Reader is shareware. If you use it regularly please send 15 to Rijdat Software - e-mail us at for details or you can pay on-line at


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