The Enigma of Tom Emerson

1979 - 2027 (disappeared)


When rock impressario Tom Emerson disappeared in early 2027 he left behind a legacy of great music and an almost total lack of biographical information. After many months of painstaking research and interviews with those who knew him well we have managed to piece together at least part of the story of this enigmatic figure.


Tom: the early days

There are several theories about Tom Emerson's origins. The one which seems most likely has him born and raised in London's gangland, the son of a Lithuanian taylor and a Spanish accountant. His real name may well be Tomas Xavier Emanershiki.
Even at an early age Tom experimented with strange ideas, including Cult TV worship and vegetarianism. It is likely that these early experiences influenced some of his later work with the bands Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, and the Tonkas.


Tom: the formative years

Tom's school days are a mystery, with only this photograph surviving.
Tom's mastery of disguise was also evident from an early age. This skill was particularly useful when he had to escape from the 2021 Stockholm riots caused by his band the Turnip Heads.

Later killer business instincts were clearly seen in Tom's success as a ruthless hunter on land and sea.



Tom: the lost years

It has been suggested that Tom ran away from home with his girlfriend Ursula Kronken and lived for several years as a rock 'n' roll rebel in the wilds of Midlothian.

Early commercial success with Ashley the performing dog was tragically cut short when the dog choked on his own rubber ball whilst attempting a particularly difficult balancing trick.



Tom got mixed up with a dangerous crowd from Eastern Europe and for a while there was a real danger that he might go over to the dark side.


Tom: the road to success

In 2007 Tom opened up the first branch of 'Thomas Fruit' in Amsterdam. Little did he suspect that the humble stall on the Damrak would lead to today's multi-billion business empire.



Tom's life long interest in music led to a new career as a promoter and producer for some of the last decade's best known bands including Eddie Current and the Transformers, Ashley Dog Rides Again and the Spoon Swindlers. He is seen here in his vintage Ferrari outside his Inverurie mansion.


Tom: the disappearance



So where is Tom Emerson ? There have been many theories; some believe him kidnapped, others say he has joined the Mars colony, but perhaps most likely is that he has simply decided on a quieter life in a quieter part of the world. Where-ever he is we wish him well ...


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