Emerson to lead Scotland

Edinburgh, 2027: To the delight of fans, Edward "Bongo" Emerson is finally going to manage the Scotland football team. But the well-liked Hibs manager was not always so successful. In fact our painstaking research and interviews with those who knew him reveal an unusual upbringing and a chequered career before his recent success. 

Bongo: the early days

Even from his earliest days Edward was to show the beginning of the fashion sense for which he was to become well known in adult life.
Growing up in Edinburgh Edward was subject to many influences, including Hibernian Football Club - little did he know that this youthful obsession would turn into a career. This picture is one of the few from his youth to show him with his poor mother before the Richard Branson 'incident.'


Bongo: the formative years

The famous psychologist Professor Hans Grumpenflieger has theorised that Edward's early obsession with superheroes led him into his future career in sport.

Sport was always a big part of young Edward's life but an early attempt to break into the world of show jumping was doomed to failure due to the lack of a horse to ride.



Bongo: the lost years

Several years invested in a legal career came to nothing when Edward's unusual style and disregard for tradition failed to impress his fellow judges.


Searching for a new direction Edward's short spell as a mercenary commander in Serbia proved unprofitable when it turned out the war had ended 20 years earlier.


Things in Serbia ended badly and Edward got mixed up with a dangerous crowd from Eastern Europe and for a while there was a real danger that he might go over to the dark side.


Bongo: on the road to success

Back in Scotland, Edward's big break came when he took over 'Shingles' nightclub on the recommendation of his footballing mate Jim 'Sausages' Cook.
Bongo's famous laid back style of management at first alarmed fans, but the results soon justified his rather eccentric methods.

 After their 6 - 0 defeat at the hands of the cunning Pacific islanders of Rongelap, Scotland need all the help they can get ! 

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