Emerson-N'gambo Retires from UN



NuGeneva, 11 October 2057: Phoebe Emerson-N'gambo, longest serving SecGen of the UN™, retires today. After surviving two assassination attempts, a vote of no confidence and two major wars, Emerson-N'gambo is retiring to MoonColony™ to pursue her life-long interest in the arts. However, Emerson-N'gambo's glittering political career would never have been predicted from her humble beginnings and early years.


Phoebe: the early days

There are several theories about Phoebe Emerson's origins. The one which seems most likely has her born and raised in the Edinburgh ganglands, the daughter of a Lithuanian taylor and a Spanish accountant. Her real name may well be Phoebeas Temporary Emanershiki.



Even at an early age Phoebe was experimenting with classy fashion, a hallmark of her later fame at UN soirees and balls.


Phoebe: the formative years

Phoebe's early attachment to animals helped her secure her first assignment with the UN Environment Programme.
Phoebe's early humanitarian urges stood her in good stead as the leader of the world's most powerful political body.

Childhood wasn't all bad, Phoebe managed to spend plenty of time relaxing. Her ever-changing hairstyle came in useful when she had to evade the Sumatran rebels in 2047.



Phoebe: the lost years

It has been suggested that Phoebe ran away from home and lived for several years as a rock 'n' roll rebel in the wilds of Midlothian, going by the name of Ursula Kronken.

Phoebe's riding accomplishments came in handy during the 3rd Balkan crisis, when she had to spend 2 years in the mountains with displaced Serbs.



Phoebe got mixed up with a dangerous crowd from Eastern Europe and for a while there was a real danger that she might go over to the dark side.


Phoebe: the road to success


In 2017 Phoebe started work with the UN, to be her employer and her passion for the next four decades.


Her first assignment was for the UN Environment Programme, rounding up wild Labradors in the winter hills of Northern China.


Peace-keeping duties during the Scottish War of Independence of 2034 turned out to be harder than expected.


It was during her five years service as UN Ambassador to the UK that Phoebe met and married Ellison N'gambo, charismatic exiled leader of the Nigerian intelligensia. It was the pigeon scandal that forced her departure and her separation from N'gambo.


The next ten years were spent in Geneva, working her way up to the post of SecGen. She is seen here with the Tharg-Swarf of Harador, one of her staunchest allies in the negotiations which ended the 13th Mexican oil crisis.


Phoebe: time to move on



Good luck to Phoebe Emerson-N'gambo. Now doubt her retirement will be as busy and successful as her working life.


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